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Sometimes it’s indefinable, a giver or a beneficiary

Sometimes it’s indefinable, a giver or a beneficiary

We are very thankful to the generous donations we have received over these years which have benefited many elderly and low-income families.  In a recent conversation with a donor, we learned that one of her relatives who is living alone with limited mobility has dental needs and thus requires special care and aid.



This donor wished that we could help after understanding the services of HOPE worldwide Dental Clinic.  Our colleague in the Elderly Services Department immediately visited this elder last week and arranged a dental examination for her in our dental clinic.


As this elder needs a wheelchair for outdoor activity, a volunteer, Ray, kindly offered to take the elder to and from the dental clinic on this own car.  Even more than that, they also went to the Social Welfare Department for dental allowance application.  In her first dental check-up, a tooth was removed and a new set of dentures was planned to be made which would require a few more clinic visits.  Fortunately, Ray will help out in the upcoming dental examinations.


On the other hand, few months ago under the pandemic, Ray’s son who is now 11 was encouraged to follow his sister and two friends to spend more than five thousand dollars pocket money to buy surgical masks for helping the poor.  And HOPE worldwide was one of the beneficial NGOs.


At a young age, Ray’s son was able to donate generously to others, to understand the needs of the disadvantaged, and to have compassion for others. This lesson is beyond what they can learn from their books.  And to the parents, their examples are important than thousands of words.  From the donor, to the old woman, then Ray and the children, who is the giver?  Who is the beneficiary?  This is a subtle relationship.

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